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Access to information:

The contents of the site is free and open access for users, however there are edition features that is only allowed to registered members. Registered users can access with their user names and passwords allocated in their membership.

User information:

No commercial use of information collected from users is made. User e-mails are not listed in the site. Only the contact e-mails of their project introduced by users.

Information to third parties:

Personal e-mails of users, will not be communicated or transferred to third parties without the express consent of the owner.

Use of information:

By accessing the site, visitors will have the right to review all available information on it, and download databases of public nature, and they can only be used for social and educational or non-commercial research or purposes. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the truth or accuracy of the information overturned by users on their projects, is not responsibility of the administrators of the site.